Clear, easy to read content and communications materials

provide freelance technical writing, policy writing, content and communications services in Wellington.

I can help you to simplify technical information and provide clear and easy to read content.
  • Developing easy to read policies, standards, procedures, processes, plans, guidelines and reports.
  • Making complex information simple.
  • Helping businesses and the Government to create easy to read digital content for websites and communications.
  • Supporting project teams to communicate change and launch new websites, systems or programmes.
  • Analysing and simplifying technical information from many sources into plain English, engaging digital content.
  • Developing internal and external communications material across channels. Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plans, customer communications, Content Management Plans, FAQs, Minister briefings, web pages, media releases, articles, case studies, social media, newsletters, presentations.
  • Establishing and managing social media accounts, and writing and publishing social media posts.
  • Copywriting, editing and publishing feature articles and case studies.
Specialty areas

Extensive experience developing content across channels and agencies.

Business, compliance, digital/web content, plain English, technical.

20+ years’ experience in writing, editing, communications, marketing and management.

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